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Who Are We?

You have so many dentists to choose from. Why choose Brentwood Dental Care? Whether you are a first-time patient or an established patient, my philosophy remains the same – providing all who walk through our doors gentle, affordable, and high-quality care within a comfortable environment. The first step is getting to know me – I am Dr. Nayat Bostanci from Brentwood Dental Care. I graduated from NYU- College of Dentistry in 2002 with a degree in Dental Surgery. I have been practicing dentistry for 18 years and am a member of the American Dental Association.

Throughout the years, what is important to me as a dentist has remained the same. To me, Dentistry is not and has never been only about fixing teeth and sending patients on their way, but about establishing and fostering lifelong relationships with people who genuinely trust me with their oral health. It is about getting to know you, discussing your dental concerns and addressing them in the most caring and cost-effective way possible. When a patient returns to our office after not being seen in quite some time, they usually tell me it is because they lost their job and lost insurance coverage. Others had a change of insurance and unfortunately, our office did not participate. During this time, they would not allow another dentist to touch their teeth. Patients have returned up to 7 years later only with the dental work I last performed to prove it. It makes me feel good to know I am making a lasting impression and a difference in people’s lives. I hope that you too will place your confidence in me and that together, we develop a trusting and long-term relationship that ensures stress free, prolonged dental health.

Dr. Bostanci DDS
Dr. Bostanci DDS

Dr. Hacikian DDSDr. Hacikian DDS

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Dr. Diaz DDS


Meet the Team

We put together a great team just for you! Our diversity speaks for itself. Brentwood Dental is formed by a team from all different backgrounds. One of our main objectives is to provide you with excellent customer service! That’s why our team is made up by people who care that you feel comfortable at all times!

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