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Restorative Dentistry is a complex branch of dentistry procedures that focus on damaged teeth by replacing or repairing them to help teeth look natural and healthy. The dentist team here is focused on seeking out the source of the problem by offering treatment that provides an effective solution to your problems. Restorative dentistry is designed to take care of all types of tooth problems, helping our clients get the look that they are striving for. We offer services that help to alleviate pain and provide Restorative Dentistry that offers assistance to patients suffering from tooth disease due to gum problems and tooth decay. Teeth whitening is also another popular service offered to enhance the appearance of your teeth.

Suffolk County and Long Island in New York are locations where we provide our service offering restorative methods through a variety of restorative dentistry services. Cosmetic dentistry is on the rise in America and we offer our full range of services to the people of Brentwood. So, for teeth whitening, tooth health issues, gum disease, tooth loss, fillings, crowns, decay and other problems, we are certain we have the right solution for you. The dentist team here uses the best restorative dentistry procedures to put the smile back on your face. You can contact us for detailed information on restorative dentistry for both children and adults

Affordable Dentures

If you are someone who is constantly suffering from tooth problems then it is time you considered dentures. Dentures are a set of false teeth which cost somewhere around $300 to $400. It is advised to get your dentures done by a cosmetic dentist for the best results. If you are looking for dentures at an affordable rate there are several options that we have available for you. They offer looks that are similar to natural teeth which helps you to feel good.

As part of our denture service, we ensure that we provide the complete service. Our experts will accurately measure and X-Ray your teeth and gum, ensuring you have the perfect fitting dentures that fill you with confidence and allow you to lead a normal life without worrying about your teeth any longer.


Gum Treatment

Gum diseases occur due to neglected oral hygiene allowing the germs and bacteria to settle in between the teeth and gums whereby they gradually infect the gums and your overall oral health. There are several factors that can cause gum problems in individuals. As a result of gum disease, patients commonly suffer from bad breath (halitosis), bleeding gums and pain which requires immediate cosmetic dentistry treatment.

The gum dentistry procedures on offer entirely depend on the stage of the disease and your health. Gum treatments come in many forms and that includes surgical and non-surgical therapies which are mentioned below.

Non Surgical Treatments

Dental Cleaning 

Using this non-surgical restorative dentistry treatment for gums, dental cleaning is done by a professional dentist. In this restorative dentistry treatment, the dentist removes the tartar and plaque from the tooth surface. This is only a preventive measure to protect your teeth from gum diseases.

dental cleaning

Scaling & Routing

During this restorative dentistry treatment, the plaque and tartar are removed from the tooth surface and tooth roots that become rough are made smoother. By smoothing the rough surfaces the gums are able to reattach with the teeth as all the bacteria are removed from the rough surfaces that existed.

Surgical Treatment

Flap Surgery 

Flap surgery is a very vital restorative dentistry treatment procedure that reduces the space between the gum and tooth due to deep cleaning of tartar and bacteria in the mouth. When the size is decreased then there are comparably no bacteria and germs that can exist between the teeth and the gum. Once done, the gum is placed on the tooth fitting neatly and comfortably in the patient’s mouth. 


Bone Grafts  

Bone Grafts are one of the most innovative restorative dentistry methods that have been introduced to combat gum disease and tooth problems. In this restorative dentistry treatment, the bones which are damaged in the teeth are replaced by bones of the patient or a synthetic bone is positioned in its place.

To help your teeth feel new, we offer fillings, crowns, bridges to support teeth, tooth root issue solutions, tooth decay solutions and many other treatments.

Implant Restoration

This dentistry procedure is done when a tooth is lost. The missing tooth or teeth are replaced by dentures or implants to complete the overall look. This restorative dentistry method has become quite popular as many people in America are looking for solutions to help replace their missing teeth. According to the American Dental Association, it is believed that implants, if done by restorative dentistry experts can give the best results and help people to lead a normal life.

The missing teeth are replaced with an artificial tooth by attaching the tooth to roots which are implanted artificially. The roots gradually start to fuse with the bones and within a period of one year, they become completely fused. Dental implants are of two kinds which are called screw-retained implants and cemented implants.

The dental implants dentistry procedures include two steps. The steps involved might be increased to three as per the customer’s requirements. In the first step, the cosmetic dentistry professional prepares the bones to receive the implants. Before implanting the new crowns in the bone it is to be assured that there is enough bone to hold the crown in place. 

The second step involves placing the abutment on the crowns. This is to assist the new crown in holding firm in place. This crown placement procedure is done using special tools and techniques and it is advised that it is carried out by professional dentists.

implant restoration


This denture is placed over the structure of the teeth as the name suggests. The upper jaw is supported by a metal frame to stay intact to the below tooth structure. the lower structure will require two implants to stay intact with the structure below. Clips and bridges are used to keep the overdentures intact and in place. It can be cleaned daily as it is easily removable by opening the bridges and removing from the mouth.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures have become very popular in recent years as they have several advantages over the traditional denture solutions and procedures on offer. This cosmetic dentistry procedure is ideal for patients who have multiple teeth missing. Whether teeth were already missing or in cases where teeth have been removed, partial dentures can be immediately put in place. A complete denture involves complex dentistry procedures which also may result in removing adjacent teeth for treatment whereas a partial denture does not require the removal of any additional teeth. This restorative dental method is best suited for the lower jaw.

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partial dentures

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